Precision Dance Pads



Quotes You by far have been the best seller I've done business with. I can't review the pads yet but I can tell you that I'm very please with the customer support and response I've received. Quotes

Quotes And yes, this one works perfectly. I played for an hour last night and had absolutely no problems. I was able to maintain my combos for longer periods. The buttons were very responsive to very slight pressure so that I could play lighter. I also love what you did with the ps2 control box. It looks very official, all you need is a logo on it. It also works very well. Thanks for all the work you put into this, I'm really stoked with this purchase. I'll make a post about how I feel about it after I play with it some more. Quotes

Quotes I got my pad and it is indeed pretty good. I find single pad songs boring so I ordered another pad Note there is a doubles discount now, so you can buy two for $500. The pad is a piece of hardboard, with a thin layer of sensors on top of it, and a short ethernet cable sticking out the top. I was shocked how thin it is. This pad is half an inch thick across the board. I plan to just tuck them behind one of my doors. When I first felt/pushed on the pads, with my hands, (testing the sensitivity), the top felt completely flat. But you can feel the square 'boundaries' if you apply more weight (i.e. actually playing it). The whole thing feels very solid/hard, and at 9 pounds, it's considerably heavier than my DX-extreme, but much lighter than metal pads. Initial tests are it's very sensitive. I was tapping on the pads with my index fingers, track and field style, and it responded with no problems.. The OP plays crazy hard songs on it with no problems, and I believe that completely. Quotes