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  1. Do the Omega GX/ITGX dance pad work with DDR Solo Mode (6-arrow)

    NO, the Omega GX and ITGX are the best 4-arrow dance pads available, it does not work with DDR Solo Mode.  The Start and Select buttons are true to size and are not meant to be used as dance sensors.

    The Omega TX has all 9 functional arrows and Start / Select, this is the one you want.

  2. Local Pickup Discount and Can I try the pad before I buy it?

    Yes, if you want to take a trip you are welcome to try out my dance pads.  You can even purchase one from me directly and save $50 (avoid shipping costs) if we have any in-stock.  We are currently located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, ZIP: 37830.  Message us for our address.

  3. I play barefoot and the Omega pads don't provide enough cushion, this hurts.

    Consider getting some foam flooring to place under the dance pad, they typically link up like a puzzle, otherwise you can play in thicker socks, shoes, just try what works best for you.  Personally I have some foam under the base that I play on, it helps.

  4. The cord is to short, what do I do?

    Extensions are your best friend.  I believe you can get extension cords for all the platforms your heart desires, personally I use 6' USB extensions and 6' PS2 extensions so I don't have to be really close to the TV.

  5. Do you have recessed panels like the arcade?

    The Omega ITGX and PIUX are the only pad we sell that has a recessed panel feel.  The pads are actually flat but only the sensors can be depressed making them feel recessed compared to the rest of the pad which cannot be depressed.

  6. If I buy a replacement control box will it work with another manufacturer's pad?

    No, my control boxes connect using ethernet cable, nobody else sells pads like that so therefore they will not work.  But check out this guide to building your own control box, it's my own technique and it works VERY WELL for any dance pad to connect to any system.  YES this means you can build your own Omega GX and Omega PX control boxes without buying from us.

  7. I don't have a pay-pal account, how can I purchase one?

    Well, AMAZON.COM first and foremost, otherwise we can accept most major credit cards but this will require you to contact us for our phone number so we can complete the transaction during a phone call.  You can also send a money order or check, again contact us for our payment address you will also need to specify which items you want.  We even accept payment in person, credit card or cash if you are local to the area.

  8. Do your pads come with a bar setup?

    No it would defeat the purpose of making my pads light weight and portable if they came with a 300lb bar setup plus shipping price would go WAY WAY UP.  Building your own bar setup would take a trip to the local hardware store and some elbow grease but it's a satisfying experience.  There are some tutorials online but try and build one based on your own situation.  See this thread for advice:

  9. Is there a weight limit on your dance pads?

    Previously there was no weight limit when we were using the eucaboard, we now use corroplast for the base of the pads and at some point it will collapse but the pads have been tested with 500lbs of persons jumping on them without flinching, just keep the pads out of the driveway.

  10. Do you ship to Canada (Brazil, Japan, Philippines, Australia)?

    Yes, the site is setup for international shipping, you may be charged an additional shipping cost.

  11. What version of StepMania do you use? Where do you get content for the game?

    I use an old StepMania 4.0 release with an ITGPC theme that just works really well, it's my favorite way to play StepMania.  I uploaded the game and themes here:

    As far as content, I've collected alot of files/songs over the years.  There were some really great sites that have since disappeared, the best one now is probably ZiV (google it).  Otherwise if you're desperate for material the collection I've amassed over 10+ years is 44GB (yes it's huge that's 7,000 songs in 34 folders), if you send me a thumb drive I can load it up and send it back.  Otherwise good luck finding material, and be warned the quality of content will vary greatly, I've spent thousands of hours just making sure all the songs I've downloaded were on-beat and that their arrows were also on-beat and designed for dance pads or even adding music videos.  Also I do not charge to share, I believe in open sharing although that violates copyright laws.  I can't advise if you are legally able to play the content just that I obtained it all from unprotected websites that were publically available at no charge.

  12. I've sent a message and haven't got a response...

    We try to respond to all inquiries, check your junk mail folders or message us on Facebook

  13. Most PS2 dance pads have 8 or more buttons, how do I know if this pad will work?

    I've tested the pad on PS1 and PS2 games.  The PS2 control box has a switch to enable it to work with JAPANESE IMPORTS or with EDIT DATA (custom charts) on some games.  Select also did nothing on DDR: Disney Mix for PS1 but the game can be played without Select.  Otherwise you can't play Solo mode, but EVERYTHING else is functioning.  You can test your game by using a regular controller and using the four arrow d-pad buttons, X, O, and Select (yes I map Start to 'X' and the toggle switch changes it between "X" and "O" one or the other).  If there is something you can't do without those 7 buttons then those features will not work unless you build a custom control box.

    This video shows compatiability testing with the Omega GX and the PS2 dance games:

  14. Can I play on carpet?

    Our dance pads now work natively on carpet, although if the base flexes enough you may still wish to add a firm wood base under the pad. For best results play on a perfectly flat surface. If your dance pad has a brown eucaboard board then your pad won't work on carpet directly, if it has a coroplast base then your pad should work fine on most carpets.

  15. Any recommendations on how to build a base for carpet?

    YES!  Doug Shell's guide is the best.  Check the forums

  16. How about recommendations on building a base with a bar?

    YES!  Check the forums:

  17. The back arrow seems to activate when I press Left or Right, is the pad defective?

    Test it on a wall or by using your hands.  The culprit may be something under the down arrow, carpet or a rug, or BIG-FOOT-SYNDROME.  You will just have to get used to not stepping back so far because you are probably hitting the down arrow when you step on the LEFT or RIGHT arrows, give it some time or try playing with different footwear.  The only other alternative would be to decrease the arrow dimension but that would be a bad solution as the pad wouldn't be as good in general.

    If you still want to decrease the arrow dimension then message us and we'll advise but it will ruin the warranty so you may want to wait 6 months before trying.

  18. Can I press multiple arrows with one foot?

    With the Omega dance pads the sensors are LARGE and EASY to activate.  You can press multiple arrows easily with one foot, in fact it may be too easy even if you have small feet, or play barefoot and have small feet.  You'll probably get spoiled by the Omega dance pad and never want to play at the arcade again.  But I digress, yeah you can hit all four arrows with two feet with EASE and keep them held just as easily, that's part of what makes these pads so grea... um FANTASTIC.

  19. One of my arrows sticks, what do I do?

    Send it back for a replacement.  We apolagize and we take steps to try and prevent any adhesive getting inside the sensors but it has happened in the past and if it happened to your pad and we missed it we are TERRIBLY sorry.  This is not a situation that develops over time, it is only a manufacturing flaw, if you don't want to send the dance pad back and want to fix it on your own then remove the tape around the sensor and use a PUTTY KNIFE to separate the velcro (be very careful).  Sensors can be wiped clean with a rag and solvent but be extremely careful not to open the sensor to quickly or far as it can get destroyed.  You can probably open it enough to reach inside and feel the adhesive inside the sensor, it may be impossible to feel, if so feel free to clean it and dry it, WD-40 is great and non-conductive USE IT, then seal the velcro and replace the duct tape or Gorilla tape.

    Again we apolagize and it is nothing you did that caused this flaw.  This is not indicitive of the product we want you to own and we hope you allow us to remedy the situation with a replacement.  Just contact us and let us know ASAP.

  20. Are your dance pads metal?

    It depends on what you mean by metal.

    This pad has no chance of passing a metal detector, there are four layers of metal in the sensors.  However there is no other metal in the pad not even screws.  So in that sense YES this is a metal dance pad.

    If your definition of a metal pad means the area around the arrows is covered with a sheet of metal and the rest of the pad is made of wood then NO this is absolutely not a metal pad.

    If your definition of a metal pad included the Cobalt Flux which was another lexan covered dance pad but built on a wood base, all you would have to do is add a wood base of your choice and this will be a metal pad based on that definition.

    If you are in the market for a metal pad and are considering an Omega pad, you will not be disappointed unless you like playing barefoot and getting cut on other metal pads and bleeding while you play, you should seek a medical professional to talk about that, and while these pads do not have sharp edges to cut, but if you are bleeding they are easy to clean.

    So I guess the answer is, the Omega pads are definately made with metal, but as to classification of being a "metal pad" that is debatable.

  21. What is the difference between the Omega GX and Omega ITGX? Which is better?

    Durability of both pads is identical, the only difference are the spacers that make the ITGX feel more like an arcade pad with recessed arrows. The brackets aren't raised, they are just dummied out. In a GX pad if you step on the bracket section the pad will register a step, in an ITGX the bracket section is just like the border around the arrows so you can step on it and it won't register a step.

  22. Can your pads handle 16+ difficulty ITG scale

    There is no known speed limit, feel free to play to your hearts content on the toughest stuff you can move your feet to.

  23. I have an Omega TX pad and only the center panel works.

    You have the ethernet cables swapped, unplug them both, flip the control box over and try again.

  24. My dance pad looks bad (uneven image, bubbles, small scratches)

    Unfortunately until we can print directly on the lexan you should expect some amount of aesthetic flaws.  These problems may include small bubbles, small cuts (where we tried to remove the bubbles no cuts in the lexan), dirt, hair (our dogs hair seems to go everywhere), unevenness.  The pads are built by templates and we ignore the image until the very final stages so your sensors will not be uneven and they may not perfectly line up with the image.  We do try our best to make dance pads look good but our main concern is functionality.

  25. I just bought a second pad for doubles and they don't line up in height.

    Our old base was much smaller than our new base.  If you go to your local hardware shop and get them to cut eucaboard sheets at 35"x35" or 35"x38" for the TX then stack them under your old pad until they line up (1-2 boards should do it) then tape these under your old pad so they don't slide that should solve it.  But you may still find it awkward that the new base is much more enjoyable to step on as it provides impact absorbtion and it's quieter, I am sorry that I didn't choose this new base in the first place you will simply have to purchase yet another pad to have a perfect pair.

  26. I want to buy a custom skin dance pad but need a template.

    Omega GX / ITGX:

    Omega PX / PIUX:

    Omega TX:

    You may also submit your skin without using any arrows or button images, pads are built without looking at the image on the skin so all the sensors go in standard places even if there is no indication on the pad, you will be able to feel the sensors without looking down, just make sure the submitted files are the same dots per inch and image size as these templates and submit your finished files in .jpg or .png format without transparencies.

  27. I want to buy a pad with the Crypt of the Necrodancer skin

    Those are only avaliable through Crypt of the Necrodancer directly as they own the images.  Yes we do build the pads though they are 100% Omega GX dance pads but the skins are not ours to sell.

  28. What are your sensors made of?

    Two layers of metal separated by air, when the two touch then the switch is turned ON.  Simple concept, there is NO FOAM in our pads and our sensors are most similar to Cobalt Flux pads although the wiring insde our pads is much more protected and will never get damaged.

  29. Do you support Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 DDR Games?

    We have control boxes that work on Xbox / Xbox 360 / and PC with the headphone jack and all and the Xbox button, these are not available in the shop, if you need one e-mail us.

    For PS3 the easiest solution is to get a PS2-PS3 converter and buy either the Multi-Console control box or the PS2 control box for your dance pad.  Without an adapter the USB will not work in your PS3.

  30. Why is the price on higher? charges way more fees.

  31. How long have you been building these pads?

    Well I began fiddling with the sensor concept in Oct. 2012 and had my first complete assembly with the new sensors in Nov. 2012.  Prior to that I used to build pads with the MDF base and routed wires and sheet metal.  In my opinion the Omega dance pads are far far superior to anything I have ever built or played on.

  32. How will I know where to step with a single sheet over the pad?

    Between the sensors there is a distinct boundary that you can feel, it may be difficult to feel with thick sole shoes on but most players have been pleased at how easy it is to feel where your feet are without looking.  With the ITGX and PIUX dance pads the difference between the sensors is even more distinct.

  33. There is no such thing as a maintenance free dance pad that doesn't ghost step.

    Correction: There had not previoulsy been a maintenance free dance pad that didn't ghost step but thanks to good quality design and determination by a die-hard fan of dance games there now is.

    While I do admit that everything man-made will fail, I have shared clear guides on how to build your own control box and how to replace the ethernet jack.  If you keep sharp objects out of the dance pad then it should last um... How long does it take polycarbonate do biodegrade?  Basically the lifespan is unknown but is expected to be several decades.

  34. My dance pad is unresponsive in StepMania 5

    There is a well known bug in some versions of StepMania 5 where input joypads do not function at all.  Please find a newer or older version of StepMania 5 or pretty much any version of StepMania ever made to fix this.

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