Precision Dance Pads


The Omega GX and Omega PX are high performance dance pads made with the ultimate player in mind.

They feature a patent pending sensor design which allows the pads to be:

Highly Accurate - No ghost steps, or pad misses, or lag at even the highest difficulty levels / speeds.

Maintenance Free - No adjustments ever, just turn it on and PLAY, gone are the headache inducing pads of yesteryear.

Only 3lbs pressure to activate the sensors - Great for songs that require using HANDS and makes it easy for small children and HOLDS.

Foot Friendly - Play in shoes, socks, barefoot there are absolutely no screws or sharp objects.

No weight limit - You cannot break the pad during normal use even if you invited 3 friends to all jump on the pad at the same time.

9lbs total weight - Easy to transport or move.

Only 35" x 35" x 1/2" - Super slim for storage.

Designed for Arcade accurate DOUBLES play - Simply place two pads side by side, the distance between both pads is the same as the distance between most arcade machine dance pads.

Comes with dance pad, non-slip mat, and your choice of USB (for Stepmania) or PS2 Control Box.